“For a moment, we’re suspended in infinite possibility.  In this darkness, this silence, anything can happen.  I love this part.  Well, normally I do.”

For theatre director Jimmy Labbe, the success of his first show is life and death.  When he’s forced to oversee a production so horrible it cannot be saved, Jimmy Labbe watches his dreams hopelessly FLOP!.   Mortified, he manages to escape to his brother’s small-town home, only to find himself destined to FLOP! again in his worst nightmare: directing Romeo & Juliet at a high school.  Struggling to find redemption, he begins to learn what it truly means to be successful, and more importantly, what it truly means to FLOP!

written and performed by Anton Lipovetsky // additional direction by Kayla Dunbar // accompanist Mishelle Cuttler
March 21st – April 1st, 2012, Studio 1398


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