Our Time

“Today I graduate from high school. The first day of the rest of your life, the cliché goes. It feels like the last.”

Winner of the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Outstanding Artistic Creation (Direction, Laura McLean), Nominated for Outstanding TYA Production, and Outstanding Ensemble Design (Mishelle Cuttler, Joel Grinke, Lauchlin Johnston).

Our Time joins a girl on her graduation day, just minutes away from her convocation ceremony. Through vivid memories, she shares the journey of what has led her to this special day – and why everything will change when she crosses that stage. All her life, she has wondered if she will ever find a passion that will guide her – be it a career path, a hobby, or something to believe in. The closest thing she has is her best friend Jeremy – They’re not the best students or the worst, and far from popular. To their parents’ chagrin, they have no idea what university they want to attend, let alone what to study. The furthest into the future they like to look is to their Chinese food tradition on Sundays. It seems like nothing will ever happen to them, when two sudden twists of fate change everything. As the minutes leading up to her graduation fly by, she looks back at her high school journey in hopes she’ll discover what she wants before it’s too late.

Our Time is available for touring to schools starting in October of 2016 – CLICK HERE for more information or email Marie at ourtime@delinquenttheatre.com.

written and performed by Christine Quintana // directed by Laura McLean // set design by Lauchlin Johnston // video design by Joel Grinke // sound design and composition by Mishelle Cuttler // photography by Ryan Alexander McDonald