The Story of You and Me

“Hey, um… do you know how to make eggs? Cause I don’t. How’s that for a post-honeymoon surprise? Apparently other people only cook breakfast for you for the first two weeks of your marriage. After that, you’re on your own.”

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You receive an invitation to come over for drinks, and you go.  Dan and Karen greet you at the door.  They were married for 9 years.  Now they’re not.  They invite you to choose four random photos from their photo album – each photo is from a year of their life together.  They’ll drink with you, make eggs, share secrets and share their story.  The Story of You and Me is an interactive look at ten years in two lives.

Saw your show this evening at New Bees, best show of the night. The writing was tight, fresh, and all too relatable and familiar; the actors were understated, sincere, and attractively engaged and touching; the staging was exciting, warm, and unexpected; great little piece of theatre. Loved it!” – audience comment

The Story of You and Me is available for booking for festivals, installations or intimate runs.  Email Christine at for more information.

created and performed by Scott Button and Christine Quintana
June 10-14 2013 at Chapel Arts, Hive: the new bees 3