Spring Awakening

“You’d think the whole world revolves around penis and vagina!”

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First performed in 1906, Spring Awakening was labeled as obscene, offensive and radical – 100 years later the story was remade and sexed up for the 2006 Broadway musical adaptation. Now, in an age where abstinence-only education is proposed as the antidote for an over-sexed youth culture, Wedekind’s original work is timelier than ever. Jonathan Franzen’s lively translation of the German classic subtitled ‘A Children’s Tragedy’ follows a group of young teenagers coming of age despite their repressed and religious upbringings.  At once sad, disturbing, and touchingly funny, Spring Awakening sees sex, violence, puberty and great expectations through the dreamyeyes of youth.  Even now, Wedekind’s work continues to prove that even when hidden in the deepest of places, the stirrings of spring awakenings will always find their way to the surface.

by Franz Wedekind // directed by Laura McLean and Christine Quintana // design by Brendan Albano // starring Eric Biskupski, Odessa Cadieux-Rey, Veronica Campbell, Christina Cook, David Kaye, Alexander Keurvorst, Pippa Mackie, Matt Reznek, Tessa Skara, Naomi Vogt, Anna Wallace-Deering, and Tich Wilson.
July 21 to August 1 2009