Playwrights In Residence 2014/2015

Starting in November of 2013, Delinquent Theatre accepted submissions from BC playwrights to take part in a Playwrights in Residence Program.  Four playwrights (Christina Cook, Sebastian Kroon, CJ McGillivray and Mily Mumford) were supported through two workshops and a three-day writer’s retreat to complete and refine their full-length plays.  Delinquent Theatre concluded its Playwrights in Residence Program with Write Minds: public readings of new works. Two nights, two exciting double bills. Four vibrant new playwrights explore love, death, and what it means to be “okay”.


Wolf by Sebastian Kroon
An investigation of the monsters that live in us. Did we contract them like a disease somewhere or have they always been here, hiding until now? When you have an evil inside you, you’re never truly alone.
Read by Genevieve Fleming

White Picket Fence by CJ McGillivray
One wistful springtime afternoon, a pair of teenagers break in through the window of an old and decrepit haunted house. Their suburban misadventure brings them closer to a lingering presence and an echoing voice who unknowingly whispers their darkest of family secrets.
Read by Daniel Doheny, Yoshié Bancroft, Mack Gordon and Genevieve Fleming

SUNDAY MARCH 30 2014 at 7PM
Love is for Superbeasts by Mily Mumford
Love is for Superbeasts takes two psychopaths in love and explores the vast potential for caring, cruelty and passion that resides in all of us. They will push buttons and boundaries, but they are determined to have fun doing it.
Read by Mily Mumford and Matt Reznek

Quick Bright Things by Christina Cook
A weekend with the extended family wouldn’t be complete without burnt casserole, a dead deer, and a hallucination or two. A comic drama exploring mental health, and a father and son’s battle with schizophrenia.
Read by Marcus Youssef, Dawn Petten, Andrew McNee, Julie McIsaac, Matt Reznek and Amitai Marmorstein