Stationary: A Recession-Era Musical

“Hey, put up your hand if you’re thrilled to be an adult professional living in a basement suite and borrowing money from your parents!  They may be ‘first world problems,’ but they are my problems.”


Under the fluorescent lights of real life, obligations and social niceties loom large.  But in the world of day-dreams, all things are possible. STATIONARY: a recession-era musical explores the lives of 6 young people at a moment when big dreams meet reality checks. “The baby boom is just an echo now,” and STATIONARY gives voice to the generation left behind.  Saddled with crippling student loan debts, high cost of living and a recession-era economy, our young characters are just trying to get by in a “yoga and sushi-swilling succubus of a city.”  They’ve stepped out, bachelors degree in hand, to find out not everyone can be a winner.

“The perennial question of how to get young people to go to the theatre has a relatively simple answer — put young people on stage and tell their stories.” – The Vancouver Sun

“Stationary sings with wit and whimsy” – The Georgia Straight

“Stationary is the musical rallying cry of our generation” – Vancity Buzz

Set in a corporate office, the narrative flips between dialogue and vivid musical sequences in which our talented singer-actors also double as musicians.  Using a delightful array of musical instruments to play a score ranging in influence from the Arcade Fire to Dr Dre, our young heroes sing of dreams gone by and the melancholic disappointment of adulthood.  But as the clock races towards 5 o’clock, they realize that “tomorrow is my best friend” and regardless of circumstance, the power for change and happiness rests within us all.  Real life is disappointing.  Singing about it definitely takes the edge off.

book and lyrics by Christine Quintana, music by Mishelle Cuttler, rap lyrics by Brian Cochrane // directed by Chelsea Haberlin // original direction by Laura McLean // choreography by Kayla Dunbar // musical assistant Sean Bayntun // set by Lauchlin Johnston // lighting design by Darren Boquist // costume design by Kaitlin Williams
featuring Meaghan Chenosky, Brian Cochrane, Mishelle Cuttler, Claire Hesselgrave, Anton Lipovetsky and Christine Quintana with Molly MacKinnon, Alex Hauka, and Arlen Kristian Tom

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Stage photos by Luca Ragogna Photography.  Publicity photos by BeattyOei Photography.