Fundraiser a Success!

Number one rule of everything: know your audience. What do Delinquents like? Kegs!

Pop a balloon, remove an article of clothing.

Pop a balloon, remove an article of clothing.

The night started off on a good note before it was even night at all when one of the neighbors came over to thank us for distributing notes notifying the neighborhood about the party. She then proceeded to tell me how much she loved the arts and donated $30! I ran into her the following day and she complimented me on how quiet the party was. (The previous tenants were all DJs and sound engineers and threw multi-day ecstasy-fueled raves, so by comparison we are angels).

DJ, kissing booth, balloon room, three kegs—over a hundred people came through our doors. Damage was fairly minimal.

And we raised enough money to cover set, props, costumes, front of house, and publicity!

The pictures really speak for themselves.  Check them out on Flickr.