Bridge Mix

Hello friends,

The Delinquent Theatre gang is hard at work crafting their contribution to Itsazoo Theatre’s Bridge Mix.  Bridge Mix is a multimedia site-specific show that takes place in a parking garage.  9 companies contribute a 10 minute piece, and the result of this collaboration is a 90 minute promenade show that starts at the bottom level and works its way up to the roof.

Composer and Musical Director Mishelle Cuttler hard at work

We’ve been big fans of Itsazoo for their innovative and politically charged work, and are so happy they invited us to contribute to Bridge Mix.  Our piece is entitled “Parked: An Indie Rock Musical with Novelty Instruments”.  Delinquent Theatre Company member Christine Quintana has assembled a team of talented young musicians, singers, and actors to create this musical.  So far, our orchestra includes a ukulele, kazoo, trombone, human beatbox, and glockenspiel – and we’ve only just begun.  We look forward to sharing our musical with you – Bridge Mix starts on June 9th!

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