Bridge Mix is a Zoo, and we’re feeling Enlightened!

The first week of Bridge Mix has come and gone, and the Delinquent crew is having a blast!  It’s been a privilege to enjoy the work of the 9 other talented companies involved (Enlightenment Theatre, Spectral Theatre, TigerMilk Collective, Slam Ink, 411, Monster Creative, ITSAZOO Productions, and Genus Theatre).  We’d especially like to thank presenting companies ITSAZOO and Enlightenment for welcoming us to the Bridge Mix crew – our cast consists mostly of recent UBC Grads and we are so grateful for the chance to play with the big kids.  We’ve made lots of new friends, seen some great theatre, and enjoyed many a roof-top party!  The good news is that there’s still two weeks left to join the fun.

Audience members have loved Bridge Mix, and they seem to especially love Parked: An Indie Rock Musical with Novelty Instruments.  Mark Robins of hails Bridge Mix as “satisfying treat of unique site-specific theatre”, and says of Delinquent’s piece, which he names as a highlight of the evening, “they are right, some things are better with a ukulele”.  The Georgia Straight’s Colin Thomas says:

This collection of musical numbers begins with a woman rhythmically clinking her keys and singing, “Where is my fucking car?” The women in this ensemble are especially strong singers. Talent! Yay! And the lyrics are often clever. At one point, a lovesick young office worker warbles, “He’s in distribution/I’m in incoming/I file away my feelings when I see him.’ ”

Come meet our new friends, see 9 kick-ass shows and party on the roof with us.  It’s gonna be a sweet, sweet two weeks.  Don’t miss out!

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