Oh My God, guys – Delinquent gets Fringey

What other time of year does one get to see dozens of new works, see plays in coffee shops, docks, trees and fire escapes, and party nightly with dozens of national and international theatre artists all in the space of two weeks?  That’s right, Delinquents.  It’s Fringe Festival time!

Fresh from the success of Parked: An Indie Rock Musical for Novelty Instruments, the Delinquent team is about to head back to the rehearsal hall for Oh My God, an original play by Josephine Mitchell.  Starring Delinquent Theatre veteran Tich Wilson (Spring Awakening) and new friend Karina Palmitesta, the cast of OMG is fearlessly led by Delinquent AD Laura McLean.  We’ll have more info to come in the weeks leading up to the Fringe Festival, but consider this your warning.  Fringe is coming, and you’d better be ready!  Bone up on the dozens of other fantastic shows taking Granville Island by storm, and check out our fellow BYOV friends who are taking over Carousel Theatre with us at http://www.vancouverfringe.com.

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