Fringe, Fliers, and a Very Flattering Review!

Hello Delinquents,

The Fringe Festival is upon  us!  The first four days have seen the Delinquent gang hard at work making new friends, seeing some exciting theatre, hanging out at the Fringe bar, and of course delighting audiences with Oh My God!  We’ve even had our first review – here’s what Kyira Korrigan from Plank Magazine had to say…

This play was simple, and simply superb. The actors (Karina Palmitesta and Sarah ‘Tich’ Wilson) and direction were both spot-on; the writing of Josephine Mitchell is genuine and rich without any sense of effort.  I recognized these girls, even though I’d never been them, because the few hours shown in their life were real – the story had heart. And, genuine heart, shared in well-crafted live theatre, is never boring. When a playwright, actors and all the people behind the scenes create a show which is true in the way this one is, it is a delight to do our part of being the audience.

Thanks, Plank! We’ve had a blast so far Fringing it up – we hope you will come check out Oh My God and have a drink with us at the bar after.  Delinquents Laura and Christine also suggest you check out Delinquent Theatre alumni in Mr. Boat-Head’s Electrical Dreamship (Brendan Albano, Director and Designer for Our Time and Spring Awakening), The Progressive Polygamists (Actor Pippa Mackie, Spring Awakening) and Figment (actor David Kaye, Spring Awakening). 

In the mean time, look for the Delinquent crew hanging out on Granville Island until closing on September 18th – and we’ll look for your butt in a seat at Carousel Theatre on Wednesday the 14th at 8, Thursday the 15th at 10:45, Friday the 16th at 7, Saturday the 17th at 5:45 OR 10:30, or Sunday the 18th at 2.  (That’s a hint)

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