TUG 2011: The Plan

Good Morning Delinquents!

Today, and for the next two days we will be posting blogs, videos, and sneak peeks as we put together Delinquent Theatre’s entry into Theatre Under the Gun (TUG) as part of the Here Be Monsters Festival.  Watch this space for updates on our progress as we create a brand new piece of theatre to premiere on the Performance Works stage on Friday, October 28th!

The journey begins today at 2PM, where Delinquent delegates Claire, Dave, and Laura will meet up with the Here Be Monsters head honchos and the other teams to receive our inspiration package.  Also exciting?  Each group has been told to bring a wrapped or concealed prop with them to give to another group.  What will we receive?

After the meeting, Laura will relay this information to the rest of the Delinquent team.  We have decided to take 6 hours for us to reflect on the inspiration materials individually, and to bring in whatever props, costumes, music, text, or whatever else we find when we meet at 8PM at the Delinquent lab (which may or may not be just a garage….)

Watch this space for more news on our adventures – we’ll be working late into the night, so keep your eyes peeled!

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