TUG 2011: Day 2

DAY 2: Thursday October 27

11:00AM: We meet again. Coffee is brewed, ideas are steeped, and we are ready to begin again.

12:12AM: We’ve now had 4 pots of coffee and things are really coming along. We’re talking folklore, Old English torture, art, and… umm… some colorful content from David.


1:52PM: Lunch time. Thanks Uncle Fatihs!


4:35PM: We are breaking for dinner/quiet time/going to work (who works during TUG?!). Power break and then back at 9:30.


1:32AM: it’s half lunacy and half brilliance here. Live from the Delinquent lab….

3:13AM: The show is written and staged. What we need now is sleep and the ability to remember it all tomorrow. We end with a group photo, which reveals the state of affairs:


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