We’re Official!

Well folks, we made it official. Delinquent Theatre is now a non profit incorporation.  As you can see, Christine was pretty excited to get our certificate in the mail…

We are going to celebrate with our first AGM (that’s Annual General Meeting in society-speak) and we would love all of you to join us and become members!

Now why, you ask, you should you become a member?  Members of Delinquent Theatre will receive:
– Priority Assigned Seating
– A dollar off any alcoholic beverage at our theatre bar
– A chance to win a pair of tickets to our upcoming show FLOP! at Studio 1398 March 21st to 31st.

Membership fee is only 5 dollars. To become a member just come on down to our AGM Wednesday February 8th at 6pm at Carousel Theatre’s Small Studio at 1411 Cartwright Street find out what’s in store for Delinquent Theatre, and eat some FREE FOOD. What could be better?  Check out our facebook event for all the deets – see you there?

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