Delinquent in the News

The excitement is building for the 30th annual Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards and rehearsals are in full swing for STATIONARY: a recession-era musical – it’s an exciting time to be a Delinquent!  We are overjoyed that Anton Lipovetsky has been nominated for “Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition” for FLOP! and are excited to celebrate all the the Vancouver Theatre Community’s excellence on Monday at the Jessie Awards Ceremony.

In advance of the Jessies, the Georgia Straight’s Janet Smith interviewed Co-Artistic Director Christine about the the plight of independent theatre companies in Vancouver.  Delinquent was represented alongside the Arts Club Theatre Company, Touchstone Theatre, and Patrick Street Productions as a cross-section of Vancouver’s vibrant theatre community.  You can read the story in the Georgia Straight, out today, or online: Theatre Takes Center Stage at the Jessies.

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