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As a non-profit society, Delinquent Theatre values its amazing members.  You can join us by clicking the picture to your right, and following the instructions on your screen. Enter $5 to become a member, and if you’re feeling generous, add a higher donation amount of your choice – see below for levels of membership.  Please note that we are currently unable to issue tax receipts.


Taylor Basso, Zoe Bellis, Kimberley Brower, Ian Brown, Lynn Brown, Odessa Cadieux-Rey, Heather Cant, Noah Casey, Ryan Caron, Meaghan Chenosky, Matt Clarke, Mishelle Cuttler, Kayla Dunbar, Jimmy Elsten, Dani Fecko, Sarah Goodwill, Steven Greenfield, Chelsea Haberlin, Carole Higgins, Ashley Holm, Laura Hope, Lauren Jackson, Hannah Johnson, David Kaye, Liz Kirkland, Amanda Konkin, Stephanie Kong, Andrew Lynch, Simon MacIntyre, Pippa Mackie, Ryan MacDonald, Julie McIsaac, Sally McLean, Iain McLean, Emma Middleton, Josie Mitchell, Sean Parsons, Monique Pearson, Ron Reed, Mark Robins, Alex Rose, Megan Ryland, Nick Sartore, Jenn Suratos, Arlen Tom, Jessie Van Rijn, and Liz Wilton-McMahon

RUFFIANS ($25-$74)

Marijka Asbeek Bruce, Stephen Drover, Linda Gorrie, Claire Hesselgrave, Jesse Martyn

HOOLIGANS ($75-$149)

Anonymous, Chris Brower, Rider Cooey, Gerry Cuttler, Zoe Grams, Donald E Greenfield, Stephen Heatley, Carole Higgins, Sally McLean, Bon Dos Remedios, Dani Fecko, Nick Sartore




We love you!

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