Behind the Music: Mishelle Cuttler

FLOP! is a virtuosic piece by Anton Lipovetsky – this talented performer wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and performs it himself.  But there is someone else on stage helping make the magic happen – pianist Mishelle Cuttler.  We sat down with Mishelle to find out a bit about the mysterious lady behind the keys.

Delinquent Theatre: Your piano skills are on fine display in FLOP!  What’s your musical background?

Mishelle Cuttler: I started out doing the classical thing, and have my Grade 10 certificate in piano from the Royal Conservatory.  Over the years I also performed lots as a singer, and have accompanied choirs, instrumentalists, auditions, rehearsals and living room singalongs.  I composed my first score in 2010 for a production of Romeo & Juliet at UBC, wherein I performed my music live throughout the play along with members of the cast.  I also learned accordion for that show, which opened up a wonderful world of opportunities for me – not only does it sound great, but everyone loves an accordion.  I continue to compose, musical direct, teach and perform music with an extra focus on music in the theatre.  I recently bought a glockenspiel and a tiny harmonica.

Mishelle between takes at the FLOP! Trailer film shoot.

DT: How did you first become part of FLOP?
Anton is my cousin!  We had parallel journies through theatre school (him at Studio 58 and me in UBC’s BFA Acting) but as of last summer we had never done any work together.  In June, 2011 he sent me a facebook message asking if I wanted to come to the Edmonton Fringe.  I said YUP, and that was that.
DT: What else do you do other than music?
MC: I am an actor and was part of my first professional show this February with Carousel Theatre.  After I finish up with Flop! I will get back onstage as an actor in STATIONARY at the Neanderthal Arts Festival (I am also composing and musical directing for that show). When I am not performing I am painting – I’m currently in search for opportunities to show my collection of portraits.  When I am not being arty I am a legal assistant.  I am excellent at formatting.
For more information about this multi-talented artist, you can visit her website.

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