“Do it for the children, you know?” An Interview with Anton Lipovetsky

Delinquent Theatre: How did the creation of FLOP! originally begin?
Anton Lipovetsky: Flop started as an assignment for theatre school.  We were asked to each write and perform one a person show as our final project and I wanted to write a musical.  I suppose I drew on some personal experience of high school and high school theatre and working with insane artists.  And Flop was originally a 20 minute piece.  When I got the opportunity to go to the Edmonton Fringe, and I expanded it to it’s full length.  And my head exploded. 

 DT: What was it like touring to Edmonton for the Fringe Festival?AL: It was a spectacular experience.  We got to see something like 15 different shows from different artists from all around the world…  And apparently the Edmonton Fringe broke records that year with ticket sales, breaking the 100,000 mark.  I had never really seen anything like it… swarms of people and streets blocked off in the name of theatre.  I loved it.  It was at times hot and stressful and a lot of work — running around all day handing out handbills, getting the word out.  But mostly it was a fun and enlightening experience.  And doing the show was an absolute riot.  We were so grateful how well-received it was in the media and with the audiences. 


Anton finds his light.

DT: FLOP! is a super high energy tour-de-force for you – how do you keep your energy up?
AL: During a run of FLOP! I try to sleep at least 20 hours a day.  Like a housecat.  If I’m awake, it’s moments before the show and I’m injecting myself with coffee intravenously while yelling insults at myself in the mirror.  During the show…  I just keep reminding myself, it’s for the children.  Do it for the children, you know? 

DT: Why should people come to see FLOP?
AL: Well, I don’t know that I can answer this objectively…  I know other people have gotten a kick out of the show, or at least that’s what they told me afterwards–they could have just been being nice.  You’ll definitely be able to brag to your friends about how alternative and indie your taste in new musical theatre is.  The truth is, I need money for all my vices. 

 No, the real truth is, I’ve poured a lot of my heart into this show and I absolutely love performing it and this time a real reputable theatre company is putting it on!  And amazing talented people are working on it who are now pouring in their hearts as well.  It’s like a heart cocktail.  And our only goal here is to entertain and to touch people (heard it when I said it) and hopefully to leave people with some catchy tunes they can hum on the way home.

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