Introducing STATIONARY: a recession-era musical

 Delinquent Theatre is proud to present

STATIONARY: a recession-era musical

as part of the Neanderthal Festival July 18 – July 29 at the Cultch

Under the fluorescent lights of real life, obligations and social niceties loom large.  But in the world of day-dreams, all things are possible. STATIONARY: a recession-era musical explores the lives of 6 young people at a moment when big dreams meet reality checks. It’s a musical for the generation that has stepped out – bachelor degree in hand – to discover that the world isn’t quite what they were promised it would be.  It’s for the generation that was coached to dream big, only to find there isn’t enough room for everyone to be a winner.  Real life is disappointing.  Singing about it definitely takes the edge off.   STATIONARY: a recession-era musical is a new work from Delinquent Theatre.

An extended version of PARKED: an indie rock musical for novelty instruments from Bridge Mix 2011.  Lyrics and script by Christine Quintana and music by Mishelle Cuttler with rap lyrics by Brian Cochrane.  Directed by Laura McLean.  Featuring Meaghan Chenosky, Brian Cochrane, Mishelle Cuttler, Claire Hesselgrave,  Alexander Keurvorst, and Christine Quintana, with Evan Lamberton and Arlen Kristian Tom.

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