Workshops: Everything and Nothing Like SMASH

Okay, we’ll admit it.

We’re a little obsessed with NBC’s ‘hit’ show SMASH.  Ridiculous?  Absolutely.  Entertaining?  No doubt.  We’re not sure in what universe untrained Iowan ingenues book Broadway shows, professional stage managers allow actors to frolic freely out of rehearsal mid-number, or directors re-imagine a classic musical theatre show as an awful auto-tune dance striptease, but you know what?  Strip away the soap opera melodrama and unlikely storylines, and you have a story about a group of people working their guts out to put a new piece of theatre on stage, and we know a thing or two about that.

For the last month and a bit, the Delinquents have been workshopping the new material for STATIONARY: a recession-era musical.  Through 2 full-day workshops, we learned and orchestrated new musical numbers, and read through the script.  Inviting a few friends for dramaturgical advice, we did full readthroughs with music to get a sense of how the show is coming together.  Though regrettably bereft of infidelity, anaphalactic shock and spontanous auto-tune music numbers (a la Smash), we’ve had an incredible time putting it all together.  Our real-life workshop bore a few similaries to its TV counterpart: the creative team begging the playwright for new material, or the electric moment of seeing that tricky number come together in just the right way.

STATIONARY’s new material is inspired by everything from indie-rock to 1920s jazz, Jason Robert Brown and more.  The STATIONARY cast has already shown incredible enthusiasm, musicianship and vocal prowess (not to mention a wicked sense of humor).  We are so excited to start rehearsals in a few short weeks.  Huge thanks to Carousel Theatre and Pacific Theatre for sponsoring our workshops!

In keeping with our regrettable hipster tendencies, most of the pictures from the workshop were from Instagram.

Watch this space in the weeks to come for sneak peeks at the show and reports from the rehearsal hall. Though we’re fairly certain actors Meaghan Chenosky and Erin Palm won’t be having a sing-off in a hotel room, or that Stage Manager Emily Griffiths won’t get side-tracked making smoothies for the actors, we know that in theatre – as on the small screen – anything is possible.

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